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Professional Machining Services 

Excell Machine Company, Inc. boasts an impressive track record of over 45 years, consistently delivering professional machining services alongside high-quality, custom-made products. In an industry fraught with stiff competition, we survive and thrive. Our secret? A combination of superior machines and tools, highly skilled employees who bring years of expertise to the workbench, and above all, our focus on client satisfaction.  

No Job Is Too Small or Big

Whether your project involves a couple of items or a massive fabrication involving hundreds or thousands of parts, Excell Machine Company, Inc. is your one-stop solution. Our services transcend the ordinary, offering more than your average “job shop.” Our diversified machining operation encompasses and often surpasses virtually any project you might have. 

Our Services Include:

  • CNC Turning  
  • CNC Milling 
  • Certified Welding 
  • Quality Inspections 
  • Reverse Engineering 
  • Complete Metal Fabrication and Assembly 
  • Design and Prototyping with Advanced 3D CAD Software 
Hydraulic Presser

Beyond Manufacturing

Need help with more than manufacturing? No problem. We are located in Mansfield, TX, and stand ready to assist our customers through developing, designing, and custom manufacturing high-quality components from the conception phase. We also provide finishing and welding services for final assembly. Reach out to us today to learn how we can take your project to the next level.